21 Days of training and nutrition
21 Days to a New YOU!
FEMME Fitness Hub Kilsyth is looking for 10 motivated women in the area who want to melt fat, tone up and kickstart a life long body transformation! 
Accountability and Support | Fun Sessions | Personalised Coaching | Nutrition Planning & Education 
Beginners Welcome: Limited to 10 Applicants 
This Program is Designed for Women Who Want to:
  • Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat and Get Lean and Toned!
  • ​Fast Track Weight Loss and Get Your Metabolism working for You.  
  • Build Real Confidence and Feel Inspired Again
  • Sleep Better and Feel Healthier
  • ​Feel Full of Energy 
  • ​Get Results and Keep Them Forever! 
  • ​Up Your Game by Educating Yourself in Nutrition and Creating a Powerful Mindset 
    • Unlimited training sessions, 60 min sessions
    • ​Weight and body fat % assessment,​results tracked through the entire program with our Body Composition Scanner
    • ​Nutrition and Training Online Program
    • Personalised Meal Plan 
    • ​Accountability and support from our coaches through the entire program
    • ​Flexible times to fit YOUR schedule: You think of a time and we will have a session that suits YOU
    Ready for a Body Transformation?
    Factory 2/1-3 Southfork Drive, Kilsyth South 3137